Conveniently sticks to any flat, dust-free, lint-free, and seamless surface. Metal, plastic, glass, laminated wood, electronics, computers, tablets, furniture, etc.


Ideal for external hard drives or battery packs, mice, remote controllers, USB cables, earphones, etc. Fillit Pocket™ expands to accommodate items up to approximately 7” x 3.5” x 1” inch dimension, and 1lb in weight. (metric: 178mm x 89mm x 25mm at 0.5 kg).


Fillit Pocket™ uses semi-permanent reusable adhesive that won’t damage sealed surfaces. The back surface can be washed to remove any debris to restore its original strength.



  1. Be creative! There are limitless possibilities for Fillit Pocket™.
  2. Before applying Fillit Pocket™ clean the surface to make sure it’s free of debris.  Use alcohol wipes for the best results.
  3. Remove the Fillit Pocket™ from the release liner sheet and stick it on the cleaned surface.  For best results, let it adhere for at least 15 minutes with a flat weight (e.g. thick book) before placing items in the pocket.


  1. To remove, grasp the handle tab located on the top left corner and slowly peel it from the surface.
  2. Keep the original packaging and liner to store your Fillit Pocket™ for future use.


  • Fillit Pocket™ is to be used on inanimate objects. Do not use this product on any human, animal, plant or living creature.
  • Adhesives are chemical products and can cause rashes and breathing problems depending on predisposition and working conditions. Stop using the product immediately if the adhesive material causes any skin irritation or allergic reaction.
  • The applied surfaces should be sealed (e.g. laminated wood, granite, or stainless steel)
  • Fillit Pocket™ is intended to be applied only on stationary flat objects, including: handheld devices, computers, tablets, and sealed surfaces such as walls and furniture.
  • Application to fabric surfaces with lint or other particles will decrease adhesion, and Fillit Pocket™ may not recover to its original strength.
  • Adhesive may leave some residue on the applied surface over time. The residue can be cleaned with alcohol or similar non-abrasive cleaning agent.  Do not use cleaning agents that will damage the surface.
  • Fillit Pocket™ is NOT intended to be used with the opening facing down as items can fall.
  • Fillit Pocket™ is not intended to securely hold your belongings during abrupt motions, such as running or jumping.